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How To Choose The Right Swimming Goggles For You

Brandon Carter
  May 30, 2023 8:02 PM

Do you often experience the feeling of leaving after a swim with bloodshot eyes or google rings around your eyes, or the uncomfortable feeling of using swimming goggles in the sea? Choosing swimming goggles is very important. They not only help you see clearly underwater but also protect your eyes.

But it is important to know that there are many types of swimming goggles, most of which are for specific purposes with a specific style. So how do you know which type of swimming goggles suit you? Wondering how to choose swimming goggles?

1. Consider Your Swimming Level

Before you get swimming goggles, it is important to understand the importance of swimming level. Are you looking for something comfortable, reliable, and basic as a beginner, or are you looking for something that suits your highest priorities, along with endurance for intense training? 

In these cases, the choice of goggles will be very different and have an impact on your swimming performance. Therefore, before you begin, clearly define your qualifications and the purpose of the goggles. Make sure you choose the best swimming goggles for your needs.

Swimming Goggles for Women 

Swimming Goggles for Women

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Swimming Goggles for Beginners

The beginner swimming goggles have been designed for comfort and are easily adjustable (with straps or a knurled nose bridge) for easy adjustment while in the pool.

Comfort and reliability are the two qualities you are looking for in swimming goggles with nose cover. If you want a wider field of view, you can also choose to wear a swimming mask. With moderate stability, it provides a panoramic view so you can see everything around you and feel comfortable.

Swimming Goggles for Intermediate

Swimming goggles for regular use are designed with a more flexible nose bridge and a narrower field of view. They remain easy to adjust and offer greater stability when swimming for long periods.

If you're in the water once or twice a day, choosing dive goggles that can withstand the rigors of your swimming lifestyle and workout routine should be your number one goal. There are also swim masks with these features if you prefer them over goggles.

Swimming Goggles for Advanced

Advanced swimming goggles are designed for a perfect fit to the face, precise vision, and excellent stability while swimming. They are hydrodynamic and ideal for helping you achieve your performance goals. Some goggles have a removable nose bridge, so you can get the one that best suits your face. However, you have to put the "Swedish" style goggles on yourself by adjusting the strap and bridge of the nose so that the glasses fit your face. These are the best of the best and are meant to be an extremely comfortable and clear vision.

Anti Fog Swimming Goggles for Men

Anti Fog Swimming Goggles for Men

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2. The Color of The Lens

The color of your lenses should match where you swim. Remember, color is not only aesthetic but also serves a function.

Your color choice should depend on the lighting conditions of the pool in which you swim or the strength/weakness of outdoor natural light. Lots of vibrant colors are mostly used indoors, but some darker colors like blue, gray, or black will help reduce the sun glare commonly found in goggles for ocean swimming.

Ideally, the lens will improve your vision depending on whether you're swimming indoors or outdoors, in strong or low light.

There are many different types of lenses available today. Tinted and mirrored lenses help shield your eyes when swimming in bright light, but the color isn't as important when swimming in an indoor pool.

Lightly Coloured Lens

Suppose you are swimming in low-light areas. The pool place is quite dark and needs more light. These lenses closely resemble clear lenses that provide natural light and should be preferred in low light as they provide accurate vision. They are suitable for cloudy conditions where maximum visibility is required.

Lightly Coloured Lens Goggles

Lightly Coloured Lens Goggles

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Mirrored Lens

If you swim outdoors or in a brightly lit pool. It is ideal in sunny conditions as it reduces glare and reflections of the sun. You might consider these glasses if you practice swimming at noon every day. There is nothing more wonderful than sunglasses in the water without fear of losing them and still being able to see underwater. Furthermore, mirror lenses are often used in competitions because they prevent your opponent from seeing your eyes.

Mirrored Lens Goggles

Mirrored Lens Goggles

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Smoked or Photo-chromatic Lens

This could be a good choice if you are swimming in areas of medium brightness. These lenses react to light and automatically adjust to changing lighting conditions. They darken in bright light and become brighter in low light. They are ideal for outdoor swimming and even outdoor waters when the sun fluctuates. These lenses are also great for your eyes, reducing eye strain. Many outdoor swimmers and triathletes prefer color optics.

Smoked Lens Goggles

Smoked Lens Goggles

Source: Amazon

3. Swimming Goggles Size

An important feature of the fit is the shape of the goggles to your eye sockets. If they can't suck, they can leak or even fall out. Make sure there are no gaps. Keep in mind that the strap sometimes greatly affects the fit of the glasses. We have seen many cases where people get frustrated even before trying to adjust the strap of their goggles.

Here's a quick way to check the fit of your goggles - Make sure they're fastened, so water doesn't get in. Before buying swimming goggles, put them on your face without a strap and check that they are in place by sucking for at least a second.

Then, wear the glasses with the strap-on and ensure a comfortable fit. The focus points are the bridge between the nose and the eyes. Make sure the fit is tight.

The goggles are the right size if they produce suction and stay in place. If not, try another size.


Without a doubt, swimming goggles are an essential part of swimwear. Now that you know how to buy the right swimming goggles for your type of swimmer, they will accompany you through your toughest workouts and provide lasting comfort, leak protection, anti-fog, and protection from the sun.

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